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���A boutique law firm specializing in Insurance Coverage litigation and Advice���


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We at Smith & Associates, Inc. are known for our experience in the insurance industry, particularly with regard to analyzing coverage under policies, defending insurers when sued and prosecuting contribution and subrogation actions for or on behalf of insurers.


Bad faith claims are some of the most serious types of accusations that can be brought against an insurance company. Not only do such claims question an insurance company's claims handling process, but they can result in thousands, if not millions of dollars in extracontractual exposure for the company.

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Insurance Industry specialists, from Insurance coverage advice and litigation to defending insureds and obtaining successful trial results, in all areas of an insurance defense practice.

Doug Smith That is why Smith & Associates, Inc. takes every possible step to minimize the possibility of bad faith claims being brought against our clients and vigorously defends such claims if and when they are alleged.

Bad faith liability claims range from an insurer's erroneous denial of coverage to an insurer's failure to settle a claim within policy limits. Through detailed claims analyses and consultation, we help our clients avoid bad faith claims. We carefully examine all the facts surrounding a claim and assist the clients in drafting positional letters. Our coverage expertise helps us to inform clients as to whether they should become involved in settlement negotiations of underlying claims. If a bad faith claim is asserted against our clients, we take an aggressive and pro-active approach to defending such claims.

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