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���A boutique law firm specializing in Insurance Coverage litigation and Advice���


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We at Smith & Associates, Inc. are known for our experience in the insurance industry, particularly with regard to analyzing coverage under policies, defending insurers when sued and prosecuting contribution and subrogation actions for or on behalf of insurers.


The attorneys at Smith & Associates, Inc. offer extensive trial experience, having successfully defended numerous casualty claims in state and federal court. While Smith & Associates, Inc. prides itself on its trial experience and expertise, our attorneys are also skilled negotiators, having favorably resolved countless cases on behalf of clients before trial.

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Insurance Industry specialists, from Insurance coverage advice and litigation to defending insureds and obtaining successful trial results, in all areas of an insurance defense practice.

Our trial experience allows the attorneys at Smith & Associates, Inc. to more accurately evaluate cases and advise our clients. If settlement is desired, our reputation among the plaintiff's bar enables the attorneys at Smith & Associates, Inc. to earn better results at mediation and in negotiations.

While our attorneys generally handle cases from their inception, many clients turn to Smith & Associates, Inc. to substitute in as counsel in advanced stages of litigation and/or in preparation for trial. Our attorneys are able to prepare any case for trial on short notice by drawing on our superior trial experience and resources.

We defend against virtually any suit for economic loss, personal injury or property damage in both the state and federal court. For corporations and insurers with environmental concerns, we have defended cases involving, toxic wastes, mold, and leaking underground storage tanks.

In addition, we defend companies at all levels of the manufacturing and distribution chain in suits alleging product defects, and we represent the transportation industry by defending personal injury and property damage liability claims.

Finally, when possible, we help clients seek solutions outside the courtroom, through alternative dispute resolution including arbitration, mediation, and mini-trials.

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