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���A boutique law firm specializing in Insurance Coverage litigation and Advice���


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We at Smith & Associates, Inc. are known for our experience in the insurance industry, particularly with regard to analyzing coverage under policies, defending insurers when sued and prosecuting contribution and subrogation actions for or on behalf of insurers.


As counsel for large liability carriers across the U.S., Smith & Associates, Inc. has actively litigated claims under the specialized coverage's for personal and advertising injury liability since they first began appearing in CGL policies. We will help you navigate through the nuances of intellectual property law, as well as the substantive law applicable to the enumerated personal injury offenses, while applying those principles to ever-evolving policy wording. The law interpreting these coverage grants and the scope of their application to almost unlimited factual scenarios varies widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and is one of the more unique and challenging areas of insurance coverage law.

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Insurance Industry specialists, from Insurance coverage advice and litigation to defending insureds and obtaining successful trial results, in all areas of an insurance defense practice.

Smith & Associates, Inc.'s attorneys keep constantly updated on the intricacies and evolution of issues specific to this specialized area of law. We provide you with complete support from the inception of the claim, working closely with you to develop the best strategy for achieving a cost-effective and appropriate result. From the initial investigation and coverage analysis to settlement negotiations and litigation, if necessary, we are ready to assist you at any stage of the claim handling process. Our attorneys also provide continuing education on developments to the personal and advertising injury liability landscape.

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