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���A boutique law firm specializing in Insurance Coverage litigation and Advice���


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We at Smith & Associates, Inc. are known for our experience in the insurance industry, particularly with regard to analyzing coverage under policies, defending insurers when sued and prosecuting contribution and subrogation actions for or on behalf of insurers.


From coverage opinions addressing whether the installation of Stucco comes within a policy's exclusion for "EIFS", to litigating whether the "your product" exclusion applies to liability arising from spalling concrete in a parking garage, the attorneys at Smith & Associates, Inc. have extensive experience representing the interests of insurers with respect to products and completed operations liability coverage issues and disputes. Our firm's practice in this area includes applying and interpreting a wide array of standard and manuscript policy terms, provisions and exclusions, contained in numerous and varying types of policy forms and endorsements, both current and historical.

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Insurance Industry specialists, from Insurance coverage advice and litigation to defending insureds and obtaining successful trial results, in all areas of an insurance defense practice.

Smith & Associates, Inc. attorneys know that controversies relating to products and completed operations coverage matters do not exist in a vacuum, and that the issues which may arise during the resolution of these controversies can intersect with other liability coverage disciplines, including but not limited to the environmental, toxic tort and construction defect coverage arenas. Is an underlying chemical exposure claim at issue a product or operations claim? The resolution of this issue can affect whether that claim is subject to a policy's aggregate limit. Does an insured's property damage claim relating to the breakdown of a commercial HVAC unit include the costs of replacing the HVAC unit? The answer to this question could trigger the application of a policy's "your work" or "your product" exclusion. When did the underground storage tank valve break in relation to the repair contractor's work on that tank? The determination of this issue could affect whether a policy's "completed operations" provisions or pollution exclusion will apply.

The attorneys at Smith & Associates, Inc. have the experience and knowledge to recognize the factual and legal issues implicated by products and completed operations claims, and the investigation, litigation and negotiation skills necessary to develop and implement a cost effective strategy for resolving those claims. The success of Smith & Associates, Inc.'s representation of insurers in products and completed operations is reflected in the successful trial and appellate results we have obtained for our insurer clients over the years on products and completed operations matters.

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